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  1. Today i took the seats and carpet out, and i will be doing some welding also. Can anyone reccommend a good tan carpet dye? my carpet really needs dying. there is a few things that i will get done like the locks and minor cosmetic issues, and then i will probably unfortunately have to sell the car due to extortionate insurance costs.
  2. Apologies for the late reply, i was abroad. Yes you read it right. The spark plugs were no good but i have new ones now and they are much better. I shall look into an oil change, is 20w50 the right oil? i saw someone on here using it.
  3. @John Mack It drives amazing now. Low rmp in 3rd is fine, where before it would stall. The old carb wrecked the spark plugs though and now the engine floods quickly from stalling, but i have ordered replacements.
  4. not installed yet, i shall let you know this Sunday hopefully.
  5. Jakub

    Several trim bits:

    Hello, i wanted to ask if anyone has: Passenger side A pillar trim in brown driver side inner sill trim in tan interior lamp (one just above the mirror) Thanks in advance - Jakub
  6. As the title says. it not too urgent but when i finish building my car port im planning to rip out the interior and a matching seat would be nice. Currently i have a gray york fabric one, on the off-chance that someone on here has a gray york interior but with the seat i need. In that case i would be happy to trade. P.S i need a seat for the sedan model, not sure if there is a difference.
  7. Quick update on this thread: I caved in and bought the Weber 34. It wasnt cheap but the VV carb is just awful.
  8. I did try the driver’s side one on the decoder, but the letters on my plate are not on the drop down menu. I found an old thread on here and managed to decode line 1 of the painted plate in the first picture, but I don’t know what the plate in pic 2 represents.
  9. Hello, i tried using the vin decoder on here for my MK5. All other vin decoders say i have a sierra for some reason. The letters on my vin plate do not match with the letters that i can input into the decoder on this forum. Does anyone know why? Thanks, Jakub
  10. Yes please, that would help a lot. Thank you very much, I will PM you.
  11. the air fuel mixture has definitely been messed with, does anybody know if i can replace the screw for that? mine is stripped beyond usability. @TimBYou said i should check if the choke is stuck, how would i go about doing that? I measured the fuel economy exactly as you said. As i said before, I would love to buy a Weber carb right now, and i probably would, if it wasn't for the manifold and air filter that i also have to replace. That just makes it all a bit too expensive, for now, at least.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I certainly will replace the carb, but i don't have the money for it now as i would need to buy a manifold and air filter also, and that is quite expensive. I checked the brakes and they are not binding. I need to deal with the VV carb until spring or until i get a job.
  13. Hello, I decided to measure the fuel economy on my cortina (MK5) today and as it turns out i am getting around 30l/100km (8MPG). I suspect the A/F mixture is wrong on the carb as there is a thick black soot in my exhaust and on the fence behind the exhaust where it is parked every day. According to the sales brochure, i should get about 10l/100km. Does anybody know what i should do? My carburettor is the ford VV, the mixture screw is completely stripped by a previous owner and the carb is a little bit wet around the seals.
  14. Hello, Just a quick update on this thread; I fitted the gaskets as well as some foam where the old foam deteriorated on the heater box. the leakage seems to have stopped but i guess i will find out when the next heavy rainfall comes. Thanks for the help!
  15. Hello, i tried this to no avail, unfortunately. its like its welded in.
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