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  1. pinto boy

    Mk1 top mount

    In need of one new top mount please for my mk1 tina
  2. Anyone selling rear axle don't needdiffplease for mk1 or no anyone thank you
  3. Anyone selling both arches and outer sills please for mk1 or no anyone thank you
  4. Hello rob how much for back axle please don't need diff thank you
  5. pinto boy

    My1 panels

    I am after both rear arches outer sills and the bits under wing anyone
  6. Hello there could someone tell me the size of the English axle please been told all different sizes thank you my mate has give me one 48half
  7. pinto boy

    Mk1 bonnet

    Ok thanks for letting me no mate
  8. pinto boy

    Mk1 bonnet

    Ok very interested sorry been working away so late reply you got a pic please many thanks
  9. pinto boy

    Mk1 bonnet

    Any bonnets and hinges for sale please
  10. Please Rick will have when can I collect mate got any other panels bottom drivers side rear panel under bulge
  11. Hello people will need some advice please on steering set ups prices front legs etc
  12. After sills and headlight rings
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