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  1. I might give him a tinkle over this, it's just working out when i can get down to view it.
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you quicker Danish, i was trying to work out logistics but I've ended up buying a Rover P6 meanwhile so I'll have to pass now but good luck with the sale, someones going to get a lovely car.
  3. I'm really rather taken by this car, i was interested when it up for sale before you bought it but even more now. Typically i can't get to Wales very quickly at the moment, I'll see what i can work out.
  4. How good is your sweet talking Pete?. You may already know of this one but I've just spotted it on Flickr, it's a 1 owner from new 1600 XL Auto, I doubt it's for sale but you know, especially as it sounds like the owner is elderly. It will be in the Basingstoke area though.
  5. Some of the prices are up but not all of them yet, this should have had black sills although i prefer them body coloured.
  6. He's helped with quite a few jobs on it and has been smitten by its charm, it's the first classic car he's owned although he had Cortinas in the 70s. Him and his partner want to starting displaying at car shows instead of just spectating at them. As for a replacement, I'm not sure yet, I've agreed to buy a Sierra for a few hundred pounds that needs a little work but my wife is pregnant so we need to start saving money, hence the sale in the first place!
  7. This weekend i went on my longest road trip in this, I'm on another forum called Autos(hit)e and every year we have a meet, this year it was in Llangollen & Devil's Bridge in Wales, roughly a 600 mile round trip for me, as I've now got the 5 Speed box in the car i decided to take that. Friday morning wasn't the greatest of starts as it was thundering and chucking it down. Then once I got to the M6 i hit the bad traffic, it took me nearly 3 hours to do 5 miles due to 3 lanes being closes because a lorry had dropped a container, it was hell, It was hot, cars around me kept breaking down but the Cortina stayed perfect, the amount of attention it was getting was unreal too, I felt like a naked, big boobed blonde girl sat in the car!. After 7 hours and 265 miles i arrived at the Llangollen motor museum were we was camped for the night, my Tina made a friend with this very period pre facelift 2.0 L estate which came from only a few towns away from me. We had a look around the museum, this strange looking home made car was inside there, it was based on a Mk2 Cortina. The following day we done a 3 hour drive to Devil's Bridge via Lake Vyrnwy in a 16 car convoy via the single track mountain passes and a lap around the lake, it was hard going but the scenery was amazing. After a nights drinking and bonfires we had a play in each others cars up a mountain road towards Hafod, I got to drive an Isuzu Piazza, Renault 16, Scimitar GTE and a few other bits, great fun was had by all. I got to drive the other Mk3 Cortina as well, That drove a little nicer than mine which makes me think the tracking might be out. After that me and Col, The other Mk3 owner, done a convoy back to Suffolk which was a real blast and must have brightened up a fair few journeys for some people due to all the waves and thumbs up we got, I even had someone ask if mine was for sale on the M6! In the end i done 686 miles in 3 days and around £95 in fuel which works out at about 36 mpg which is amazing for a 41 year old car i think, that T9 was well worth the work and best of all was that the car gave no trouble at all, other than the exhaust moving and hitting the body and a few exhaust gases!
  8. After a few months of ownership and pottering around a few shows i decided to sell this today, i needed the money and i already have my Mk3 to enjoy, I put it on ebay this evening, after 1 1/2 hours i was already up to 6 bids, 118 watchers and over 700 views! Then my dad dropped the bombshell on me that he wanted to buy it as a treat to himself... So i ended up selling it to him for what i paid for it, I'm a little disappointed as i think i could have made a lot more but I'm pleased he's got it as it means I'll still be able to see it and get enjoyment from it.
  9. I'm travelling up on the Friday and staying at a nearby hotel, is there any activities arranged for Saturday at all?
  10. Perfect! I'd thought that was a good price for one of these too. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Bang tidy! Congratulations!
  12. That's gorgeous, it's the spit of my dad's one when I was a kid.
  13. I'd say that if you can get it for under £2000 you should see your money back Mr Perv.
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