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  1. all available new Ken from BRESCO.com
  2. run my a4 for 1900 miles now. revs are 3100 rpm at 70 in overdrive with i think a 3.75 axle. had issues getting up and downshifts to run smooth, it turns out engine needs to be in good tune for the vac to feed in corect HG ran vac from t adapter on inlet great box with a nice 3rd for hills, 3rd will kick down to 2nd on boot, great for the lakes. made quite a few videos of it all the pinto flywheel will rev up quick, golt one on swampy, really like it, trade off with loosing the mass but i think they work well
  3. sorry to be off topic but hows your a4 box doin, got plenty of miles on my setup if you wanna swap stories? Pete
  4. dave im sure i have some
  5. we need a picture. you will have to sort out posting an image in order we can help here.
  6. mark post asap desperate its holding up car, post post post post e m e r g e n cy unit 1
  7. mark what are the tin triangles like rear doors? damn it the rechromers will not have mine finished in time for ruby
  8. Mark, radio and washer tube scuttle support clips please. god knows where my clips went support beackets for air filter box to inlet manifould ? accelerator cable support bracket if ealy type? Pete
  9. Ill have a look Chris, is this the MAize one you did? Just built one in that colour it looks a real 70s shade. Swampy aint a show car its a daily driver at 25,000 miles now since i restored it. In order to be show car now, ill need to attend to all the wear and tear, its a 3 year old car. only difference it aint rotted this time. just stone chipped!!!
  10. i bought one on ebay around 3 months ago, just fitted it and its perfect. if filler neck does not sit central in filler housing just bend with a wooden broomstick hocus pocus!
  11. thanks all of you here who helped solve the mystery, swampy was also blocked in but i got him out and he has same bracket but im still one short for riuby but could use this to copy......but if anyoen has a spare...before i start building one....i would purchase it
  12. thats it too!!!!!!!! anyone got a spare???? or i can make one i guess!
  13. bracket is upside down but thats it!!! you fit it upside down for standard rims and for rostyles it swaps round
  14. thanks guys, no its like a cup, i think i found it , or at very least the part that 'looks' like the gearbox crossmember cup fits EXACT!!!! like a glove, im noit sure if i have had this part all along and confsed it with gearbox cup OR it is actually the wheel cup!!! picture on my rebuild thread have a look, thanky you for all your help so far, im banking on markymarkthree to find a microfiche piccy
  15. for holding the wheel down into the tub im looking for the dished cup type fastener. I have the bolt but missing the cup, it sits inside the rostyle and then the bolt secures thru it to hold spare wheel in place later ones were a flatish bar / butterfly style looks like the rostyle needs the cup and ford sports wheels have the butterfly? reason im thinking this is the bolt i have is not long enough if used with the butterfly type bracket, but if i remeber from swampy (raining and garage locked up) LAZY the dished cup would allow this bolt to reach. anyone help?
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