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  1. Keiths Cortinas

    MK 1 Washer pump wanted

    Yes that's the one , All sorted now thanks , got one from Golden Days spares.
  2. Keiths Cortinas

    MK 1 Washer pump wanted

    Sorry I should have said . its for a 66 airflow model
  3. Keiths Cortinas

    MK 1 Washer pump wanted

    Anyone got a washer pump for my mk1 Cortina ? Need to fill the hole in the dash and put back to original
  4. Keiths Cortinas

    new mk2 headlight surrounds

    That's 2 and half times more that what I sold my whole car for back in 1983 ( 1600E £ 300.00 ) SOB SOB. Oh the in humanity.
  5. Keiths Cortinas

    Orange Light lens wanted

    Great , their the ones , will bid on them now
  6. Keiths Cortinas

    Orange Light lens wanted

    Thanks for the reply , forgot to add its for the front indicator , drivers side.
  7. Keiths Cortinas

    Orange Light lens wanted

    Any one got an Orange lens from the drivers side , side light unit Airflow mk1 Cortina ?
  8. Keiths Cortinas

    1300 crossflow wanted

    I have a 1600 GT Crossflow if that's any good. See For sale list. Cheers Keith.
  9. Keiths Cortinas

    1600E Various bits and bobs + wheels

    I have the following items for sale if anyone needs them Two series 2 1600E wooden dash boards , both need a refurb but cheap £ 20.00 each 4 wood door cappings again needing refurbishment £ 20.00 Chrome rear corners ( The ones that sit on the rear corners of the wings ) all pins present but will need re chrome £ 30.00 1600E Steering wheel , good chrome centre but leather needs attention £ 50.00 Mounteny 14inch wood rim steering wheel £ 30.00 Set of 4 Minilite wheels in good condition £ 180.00 All parts + postage , wheels will need collection . Cheers Keith.
  10. Keiths Cortinas

    Half Chrome Rostyles for sale

    I have 4 half chrome rostyle wheels for sale. Chrome is very good although there is some age related pitting but nothing drastic. recently refurbished and fitted with new Falken 165 / 13 tyres and balanced , just bolt on and enjoy. Collection only from Norfolk £ 400.00 Keith. 07860121120 or 01603 425176.
  11. Keiths Cortinas

    1600 GT Crossflow Engine For Sale

    Hi. I have a surplus 1600 GT Crossflow engine for sale. Removed from a MK1 GT. As far as I know this engine was supplied by Newark Engines at a cost of £ 885.00 on 19 February 2011. ( I Have the receipt ) However there is a knocking sound within the block so this will need investigation ( possible piston ? ) Engine dose run. Cash on Collection only please from Norwich £ 400.00 ono I will be happy to answer any questions on 07860 121120 or 01603 425176 Cheers Keith.
  12. Keiths Cortinas

    new mk2 headlight surrounds

    £ 335.00 and counting somebody wants them bad.
  13. Keiths Cortinas

    mK1 Cortina Glass wanted.

    Cool Mark , the Alfa seats I have are very much the same shape as yours however I think the head rests are removable on mine My car is more or less at the same stage as your pic , hopefully I should get it back from the body shop pretty soon , when I do I will get some pics up. Cheers Regards Keith.
  14. Keiths Cortinas

    mK1 Cortina Glass wanted.

    Blimey Mark , that's a stunner , my car is being finished in the Lotus scheme too ( 66 4 door GT ) What seats have you got in the front ? I have my originals which are ok but as you know are a bit limited in their movement , I have a pair of Alfa 147 seats which look pretty good and are more comfy , so its a toss up between original or replacements ? any suggestions?
  15. Keiths Cortinas

    mK1 Cortina Glass wanted.

    Thanks Mark , quite understand you would rather sell as a unit , I am looking into having copy s made by my local glass company. Regards Keith.