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  1. I have an original Ford badge bar for sale ( when did you last see one of these ? ) designed for Cortina MK2 , Originaly priced at £ 3.10s in the Ford accessory booklet . not bad for its age , use as is or re chrome. £ 30.00
  2. Where are situated in the country buddy ? I am interested.
  3. On behalf of a friend with a 66 Lotus Cortina. We are looking for the two rubber mounts that support the prop shaft parts list number 4843. We have repo ones but the rubber is to hard causing vibration so a pair of second hand ones would be preferable . Cheers K.
  4. Thanks for all the info , I went down the Retro Ford route .
  5. Just curious but regarding buying new , I have looked at JBW Wheels but the hub looks different from the originals , or is it my eyes ?
  6. Where from mate ? didn't know you could get new ones ??
  7. Following my recent catastrophic disaster with one of my wheels ( see discussion section ) I am now on the look out for a Lotus 5 1/2 J steel wheel. One would get me on the road again ( two would be brilliant ) , dose not have to have the 188P stamp on it but must be serviceable , ie not buckled or worn bolt holes ( like what I have at the moment ) not bothered about tyres as I have them already. Any help much appreciated.
  8. I refurbished mine , its quite easy to do and will save you a fortune. 1 Remove the vents by drilling the small rivets out. 2 Make sure they are nice and clean , a wash in soapy water dose the trick. 3 Spray them Gloss Black , the more shiny they are the better. 4 I used a paint called Alclad Chrome ( Google Alclad Chrome paint ) through an airbrush , mist this on with fine coats , your vents will turn chrome before your eyes. 5 Once dry you can use a two pack varnish although this will dull the finish ( I left mine well alone.) 6 I put my vents back into there sockets using Gator glue as I could not find any rivets small enough , worked a treat. 7 Sit in your car and admire your lovely shiny vents
  9. I have recently brought a pair of leaf springs for my MK1 GT off E Bay , trouble is they are in Bracknell roughly near Windsor and I live in Norfolk ( 125.miles away ) just wondering if any body lives near or around that area and is making a trip this way sometime in the near future ? I know its a cheeky ask but if you don't ask you don't get , all costs would of course be paid by me and you will forever be on my Christmas card list. Thank for looking . K
  10. Give Kev Mussen a try , goes by the name of 63 Conrad based in Essex , good bloke with many spares including doors.
  11. Need a pair of Tramp bars for my MK1GT as mine seem to be missing ? ( Ho Hum another bodge discovered ) Any one got a pair knocking about ?
  12. You can buy them new from Aldridge trimming ( theres one on E Bay now ) a bit steep tho at £ 45.72 + postage ?
  13. Yes that's the one , All sorted now thanks , got one from Golden Days spares.
  14. Sorry I should have said . its for a 66 airflow model
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