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  1. Reduced to £ 750.00 if anyone is interested ?
  2. Looking for a rear screen for a 4 door MK1 Cortina. Mine has lots of scratches , pitting and lines and i could do with a decent replacement. must be free of marks and scratches if possible, ( i have those already ) cheers Keith.
  3. I have decided to keep my car to original spec and have the following conversion for sale Type 9 5 speed gear box ( clean and ready to fit.) Retro Fords type 9 bell housing brand new ( bolts strait onto gearbox and Crossflow engine ) Retro Fords Type 9 quick shift gear stick ( New in pack ) Retro Fords Type 9 Clutch ( New in box ) Crossflow Sandwich plate Rubber boot clutch fork seal. All you need to convert a Crossflow to 5 speed except a cross member ( available from Retro Ford ) and a prop shaft. Selling only as a kit and will not sell parts separately £ 900.00 ( cash or bank transfer only please ) Collection only from NR7 8AN ( Kettle will be on )
  4. Looking for a pair of front seats from a series 1 1600E These are the Square type not the later rounded back ones found on series 2 cars.
  5. Mk1 Cortina rear Number plate light for sale , part no 113E- 13543 £ 45.00 .
  6. Yes they are the ones Keith , I have a pair but the pipes where you connect the clear hose to seems way to small. If you are willing to sell these I will take them . Cheers K.
  7. Thanks Keith . I will take a look at Simons Lotus Cortina and see if they are the same.
  8. Any one got a pair of washer jets sitting around they don't need ? Mine seem to have vanished after the car returned from the paint shop ( yes i have asked them but no luck ) Need the later ones for 66 airflow.
  9. Thanks. starting from the top left hand corner to the right its 46cm < - > From the left hand corner to the bottom its 43cm. judging by your pic I think it could be the one. ?
  10. Looking for the drivers door drop glass for the 4 door Cortina MK1. Must be clean and free from scratches . Any one got one ? Cheers Keith.
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