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  1. Hi looking for a prefacelift Mk3 windscreen washerbottle. Must be in very good shape and able to post ta a uk address. Thanks alot.
  2. Yes in Malta a lot of people say 13 hp instead of 13cc :) not my car but posted as it looks ok
  3. https://www.maltapark.com/item/details/7139698
  4. Check burtons brake kits
  5. Thanks a lot guys i think i will go for the stainless steel ones. Cheers
  6. Thanks yes they do look strange,Thanks again
  7. HI Danish these will do however i have no idea where mine are so unsure what size and length to look for. Thanks
  8. Thanks but have the straps powder coated already so i only need the bolts.Thanks again
  9. Looking for fuel tank hook bolts in very good condition.Must be able to post to UK or Maltese address.Thanks
  10. Hi I'm interested. Any idea who does the stamping?
  11. These are mine well actually the one from the green doner
  12. One for sale just now on ebay My link
  13. Hi people i am looking for a front stabiliser/ARB with bracket for a Cortina mk3 or what's compatible. Must be able to post/deliver to Essex.Also interested for the two lower arms(Pete cortina city and swcortina have a pair up for sale) but maybe i get all posted together so i save on shipping costs from Essex to Malta. Cheers
  14. I think we have the same type of aftermarket wing as mine is tight at the top and yes gap widens at the bottom.
  15. Hi forgot to mention that i mig welded a rod to modify the gap between wing and door.You can see it in my thread.As regards the indicator will check that as it didn't cross my mind that there could be an issue there too!Thanks
  16. Spent this Saturday fitting an aftermarket on my mk3, finally managed,lengthened the three holes on the inside of the wing that attach to the A post and modified the roundish top bit adjacent to the door and now it s a good fit. Hope this helps
  17. Hi sorry thought you needed another item- like the chassis leg i replaced.Sorrry cant help
  18. Will check and get back to you soon.You can see it being replaced in my thread.
  19. Hi bought mine from ebay.Quite a good fit.
  20. Hi thanks was it a correct fit or any shorter,sections missing? Thanks a lot!
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