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  1. thats mine, I havent seen the mag yet but that bit must have been lost in translation, mine is one of 2 superspeed mk2 1600 gts that I know still survive, how many were made I dont know maybe the poster above has another one ..
  2. welcome the mk1 cortina superspeed precrossflow had an alloy rocker cover with superspeed logo cast onto the mk2 cortina 1600 crossflow had a chrome rocker cover. tell us more about your car .. :thumbup:
  3. hi Andy, shorter one, 574mm from top to bottom in centre.
  4. Still need if anyone can help :thumbup:
  5. Rebel Yell

    mk2 windscreen

    Wanted good series 1 windscreen please ..
  6. sorry should have deleted this, from other thread it looks like I have a mk1 escort throttle cable . . thanks
  7. Hi Anyone got a throttle cable to sell ? thanks
  8. Hi If anyone can help, i need the hose that goes from the heater matrix pipe to inlet manifold on 1600 crossflow, also need longer 55mm 7/16 wheel studs. thanks
  9. Hi Just noticed that my bonnet release cable is frayed and am looking for a good one if anyone has one to sell ? thanks
  10. Good luck with the sale, just saw HOF the once, lovely car :thumbup:
  11. Hi Fred I'm in Cork, Southern Ireland. Happy to pay p&p to get to me ... can you help ?
  12. Hi Still need these if anyone can help thanks
  13. wonder if he made the right decision ....
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