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  1. Take a phase tap off the Alternator or it may have a "W" Terminal on there already?
  2. Just swap the seat base into the drivers side
  3. I just had my prop balanced for my 1600E and it was £50 Driveline in Morecambe for the North Westers charge about £62 +VAT
  4. Steve E

    ACR alternator.

    Check you have a good earth and a good positive connection to the alternator? You shouldn't have any voltage drop when it's running? Battery voltage should be approx 12.6V static and 13V when running? If it goes down to 0.9 something is seriously drawing power or the phase of the alternator wrong and it's discharging
  5. Steve E

    SUG 607G

    Really Good car that Good luck with the sale Mate, I hope you get something else and don't be a stranger (like me)
  6. My mate has a MK 5 and needs front drivers side and rear passenger side bumper caps Are the later Taunus ones the same? He also needs a tinted dtivers side mirror glass if anybody knows one for dake or any of the other bits mentioned? Must be like new as this is a very clean car Thanks Steve
  7. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

    Cheers John I will pass the info on
  8. Steve E

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    I was told the MK3 Rostyles are 5J not 5.5J? I have 2 that have been blasted and a basic primer on but I'm way up North
  9. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

  10. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

    My mate is looking for either a very good front seat or some material to repair his original in brown Or even a recommendation of where it could be repaired UP NORTH if possible I will post a picture asap Cheers Steve
  11. Steve E

    interior lamp

    Get an LED one but not a monster size one with a heat sink on the back They produce a whiter light so appear brighter The length of time you have it on will ifluence the heat build up of course?
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