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  1. Steve E

    SUG 607G

    Really Good car that Good luck with the sale Mate, I hope you get something else and don't be a stranger (like me)
  2. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

    Cheers John I will pass the info on
  3. Steve E

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    I was told the MK3 Rostyles are 5J not 5.5J? I have 2 that have been blasted and a basic primer on but I'm way up North
  4. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

  5. Steve E

    Seat Upholstery

    My mate is looking for either a very good front seat or some material to repair his original in brown Or even a recommendation of where it could be repaired UP NORTH if possible I will post a picture asap Cheers Steve
  6. Steve E

    Deleting account

    Take your head out of that Microwave first Peter! 😀
  7. Steve E

    Deleting account

    It started with Foot & Mouth !
  8. Steve E

    Deleting account

    What's been happening lately?
  9. I seen a lad today that has one to sell I'll see if I can get his details for you But we are in Cumbria where are you
  10. Steve E


    Still widely available at motor factors Nog so I wouldn't bother fitting bearing or having your own reconditioned Approx £45 and 10 mins to swap them over??? Everything new and Gaurenteed for 12 months!
  11. Steve E

    Cortina wanted

    A mate of mine is looking for a Mk4 or a Mk5 preferebly up north! He's been looking at the sandy colored one on ebay at but it's in Devon which is a 6hr drive for us! Any details or pictures etc I will pass them on Thanks in advance Steve
  12. I thought exactly the same when I saw it via Facebook Swampy 2 indeed lol
  13. What you up to know Jono? I though you sold your motor??
  14. Yep Bargain!!! A lot of work went into that Jono itsa shame to part with it :shocking:
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