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    Breaking mk3

    Does it still have the cardbord boot floor corner panels - the bits that cover the holes in the sides of the boot leading into the rear quarter panels - and if so, how much? Cheers Rich
  2. Thanks Craig, If not, if anyone has some photos of the the support bits that connect the tray to the inner wing/chassis rail they can share, I could probably make something up from that.
  3. Hi all, I have a pattern battery tray I am aiming to fit, but need the support brackets that mount it to the inner wing. Does anyone have any for sale (with or without the battery tray itself)? I think they're the same across the mk3/4/5. Cheers Rich
  4. Thanks Craig, Fingers crossed....
  5. Hi, Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the sub-loom piece for the hazard warning light on a Pre-facelift mk3? Any condition, as long as the switch connector is intact. I could probably recreate most of the loom, but the switch connector looks like it is unique to the model. Thanks Rich
  6. Not meaning to hijack, but were these ever fitted to mk3s without vinyl roofs?
  7. Oops - I only just noticed I had a reply to my post. Are you still happy to post one out Craig? Do you want any contribution to postage etc? Thanks Richard
  8. Hi, Does anyone have any of the clips that mount to the inner panel of the door to allow the door pull/armrests to screw in place, and would you be willing to sell me one or more? See picture below for what I mean. I managed to break one when I was trying to clip it into position. Thanks Rich
  9. I think the link above is a general one for each user's active listings. Anyone who clicks on it will therefore just see their own ebay listings, rather than yours.
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mk3 Mahem" data-cid="673418" data-time="1526748162"><p> I managed to fit these stainless Capri one's, sorry cant remember if i had to open up hole a bit or if they went straight in. <br /> <br /> <br /> <a href='https://www.tickover.co.uk/shop/contents/en-uk/d334.html'>https://www.tickover.co.uk/shop/contents/en-uk/d334.html</a></p></blockquote> I used these ones, too. Straight fit, no mods and are completely rust proof. I also managed to get stainless straps from ebay.
  11. Is it just the black and red plastic "GT" insert, or the whole gear wheel shaped chrome surround bit as well? If it's just the insert bit, there was a company on ebay that sold faithful eproduction ones. I can find the ebay contact name for you if yiu want to try them
  12. It looks like one of the plastic spacers that fits inside the pivot point on the brake (and other) pedals. The bit that the clevis pin slides through.
  13. I'm wondering if you could feed a long thick guide wire through the drain hole in the top, so that the wire enters the car through the opening behind the kick panel. Then take advantage of the semi-rigid nature of the drain pipe, by feeding it over the guide wire from inside the car and pushing it firmly up into the A-post. The guide wire should then help in locate properly over the drain hole. I need to check mine are still there. Can you see the drain from the footwell inside the car or does it end a good way up the A-post? Jayne said they were only 9" long, so I'm guessing they end pretty high up.
  14. Wow - thanks for the photos Where abouts on the car is the recessed channel that the tube is sitting in on the first picture? Just trying to work out which bit of the car the metalwork is from.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if the tubes just drained into the sills, that used to be Ford's genius idea with sunroofs until the late 80s - drain them into the sills and let the poor fit-up of the sills drain the water out from there. My sills had rotted away at the front near the A post, so I am wondering if this drain point may have contributed. If you do go the bonding root, I got hold of some 3M Windscreen Bonding Sealer - 08509 which I used on an old Fiesta and it worked a treat for making the seals totally waterproof. It kinda looks a bit like tiger seal when you use it, but it doesn't dry or set, it just remains in its putty like state forever, and is pretty easy to clean up.
  16. So is there no way to get to these tubes without cutting into bodywork? Now worried/curious as to whether they have been removed on my car, or if they're made rubber maybe even perished - as I never even knew these things existed until I read this post. Where do they actually drain to, and is there anyway to check they are there without hacking into the shell? Sorry for hi-jacking your wanted thread.
  17. RichardJ

    Mk3 front valance

    I can also vouch for the Ex-pressed panels one, as I had to get a new valance and a few other bits from them when my car was in the body shop. http://www.steelpanels.co.uk/ They're not the easiest company to work with mainly due to their potentially long lead times, but in my experience the quality of their products has been consistently high.
  18. Thanks Craig - Hope you feel better soon, there are some horrible things going round this year. If you have one that'd be great.
  19. Does anyone know if this braket was fitted to the mk3, mk4 and mk5 or just the mk3? In case Mangler's car doesn't have one, I want to see if I could potetially get one from a later car. Thanks Rich
  20. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mangler" data-cid="666280" data-time="1512241495"><p> Are you in rush for this part?<br /> I sure my 2 door got one on.<br /> Which I'm never use again.</p></blockquote> Not in any rush - just came to fit the exhaust today and realised the mount isn't on the car, and I couldn't find it in any of the parts boxes I've got, so must have lost it. If you've got one spare that you don't need I'll happily take it off your hands when you get chance to remove it. Can you PM me with details of how much you want for it. Cheers Rich
  21. Hi, Does anyone have the exhuast mounting point for a mk3 Cortina? The one I'm after is the one right at the back near the tailpipe. I think it bolts onto the chassis rail. Thanks Rich
  22. Not sure what your budget is, but if you have really deep pockets, I think Aldridge Trimming have just started doing reproduction mk3 parts. Don't expect any change from £500 for all 4 door panels, though. Just throwing it out there as an option, in case you have a spare kidney you don't mind selling... On a more budget friendly note, I used something called Forever Black bumper and trim reconditioner when I had to recolour some vinyl spare parts in my car, and it worked a treat. Doesn't scuff or rub off very easily at all, and didn't leave any streaks in the finish. I didn't have to recolour whole door cards, though, so not sure how it would fair on such a large area.
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