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  1. Wow, what a load of spares, you got his whole extensive collection....cheap too!! That's a brilliant shine on those hubcaps for being the stainless ones...I always thought the chrome ones were a bit shinier. I presume your series 1 door seals the sort of flat sealing edge vs the tubular series 2 type. Are they all molded to fit into the upper channel and lower retaining clips?
  2. It's stunning that you could achieve such a nice filler panel...I don't think I could come up with that. Really shows what can be done with a true craftsman. Front wings in fairly alright condition for their age.... we had a 69 Cortina and by 1976 the front wings were worse than those here in Atlantic Canada. Yes those bonnet strips are hard to come by and very dear also.
  3. Wow! You must be well pleased with that!!!!
  4. You could rebuild what you have there or 2.0L etc. As mentioned above there are some nice modern 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine upgrades that can be fitted however will take more time, fabricating skills, tools, shop, equipment and money to complete depending on how you go about it. The car is very nice and rust free too! Are there any other Cortinas around your parts of the world?
  5. I see that vin code of 97 you have there is for a 4 door GT.
  6. I have one from a LHD Series 2 Light Blue 2 dr GT that also reads 9bL 2G 4FD . On the lower row it has more numbers than some tags I have here...must further define the unit..it reads 34G509. The sequence (big) number is 3261. My guess after looking at all my tags is that the 9= model year, B=mk 2, L=LHD, 2=2 door? Not sure.
  7. No kick panels not right. The one parcel shelf looked right for RHD.
  8. Looks like lots of enjoyment there. Have a fun summer and be safe with her.
  9. I would be well chuffed with that! Just lovely!!!
  10. You mentioned worse after full throttle has been used...can that LPG setup create any type of air restriction...what if you move the LPG and try it without? Also does your air cleaner draw incoming air from under the bonnet or outside air? I doubt you have a heat riser valve on the exhaust manifold but if so make sure it isn't staying closed or overtemp of carb/intake manifold will occur. Just shots in the dark really. Anything to cool under bonnet temps also aid hot carb operation, like good cooling system, aluminum rads, proper fan setup etc good flowing exhaust system. Rerouting, wrapping fuel lines can help.
  11. Slick little slide hammer set up there. Amazing how many things can be repurposed with some ingenuity....looks like an old strut rod is it? How does that shrinking disc work?
  12. You better keep good plug wires on that sucker. I'm sure by the sounds of it you keep an extinguisher handy in the car. Hope you get her sorted soon. Could block that transfer tube to the rear bowl and see what happens...
  13. Is this something that only happens hot or could it do it with the engine ice cold? I have seen those tin/steel plates under the carb to help deflect the heat around the bowls...todays fuels seems can boil easier...however that type of boiling issue is usually worse after a hot soak shutdown accompanied with a hard restart hot only. When it does it, I wonder if it drives the fuel up through the rear bowl vent?
  14. Sweet! You must be well pleased with that!!!
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