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  1. DMR

    Hi fat rob 

    its been a long while me and my cousin come to you to get some 

    mk5 cortina parts 

    got to be over 15 years ago when he was on the cortina 80 site 

    hope your all good 

    I suppose it would help his name was big steve all the tattoos 

    you can miss him 😂

    1. cortinadale


      How is big steve. Thats a blast from the past

  2. my old GT had extended brakets so that blank fitted over the stereo to hide it the brackets stood out a bit i must admit :(
  3. every part to do with the speedo is sold out appart from 1 worm gear but there are 3 to choose from, you dont want to buy the wronge one and not have it fit your drive gear, better off getting a matched pair off an old box if you can find one. I think it's usually the 4 start worm gears that dont fit most of the drives, they are usually in commercial boxes, there's a 4/5 and 6 start worm gears then 5 or 6 drive gears to choose from :wacko:
  4. you "may" need to match the speedo drive and worm gear, depending on what is in the box, to use the drive gear from the 4 speed box you may also need to use the worm gear as well (worm gear is in the box, drive gear is the one that comes out and the cable sits in) as i say it depends, some combinations fit together some dont so it's usually best to fit as a pair.
  5. is it a true baby atlas or just a narrow atas? a lot of narrow atlass get called babys when they are not , how wide is the axle ? (flange face to flange face), baby atlases came on european built escorts only AFAIK hense rare. Baby ... 48.5" wide Narrow (Mk1 3 litre Capri) 50" wide Standard (Mk2 & 3 Capri) 52" long wide you have to have the half shaft that goes to your axle or they are too long, you cant use a 52 capri shaft in a baby without altering it. fostek are the ones to talk to they can shorten longer (wider) shafts to fit the shorter (narrower) tubes if you cant find the correct half shaft for your axle http://s199563986.websitehome.co.uk/cat/atlashsindex.html
  6. Does anyone know the car ? I know nothing of the incident appart from where it happened, i just got the pic in a txt
  7. https://www.africanmusclecars.com/forum/index.php?sid=e69e34773aede6af1388b53fc18750ec :thumbup:
  8. You'd usually have trouble walking in a pillbox never mind driving a car in one lol but i've seen stranger items dumped in them :shocking: pilboxes would have a reinforced conrete cap usually made by pouring into a wooden former but they did use corrugated iron as ply would have been in short supply, the build methods change from area to area and there are a few differant types, funny enough i detected around one in cuffly a few days ago (part of the northern stop line), a few 303 shell casings and a what i think is a musket ball but i havn't confirmed it yet but no cars, i must change areas :D it looks just like the deralict multistorey car parks i grew up playing it in N London in the 70's :afro:
  9. Been about for years, no idea about that seller but i suspect he's something to do with this place below http://www.heatedwindscreen.com/acatalog/ford-heated-windscreens.html a faif few escort owners have fitted them, i'd have a look on a rally forum see what the feedback is like :thumbup:
  10. Usually mounted on the bottom of the spare wheel well (lower than the tank) though TBH when ever that's done it's normaly to use a standard ford pump and cradle, the cradle protects the pump from damage and that's where ford put them on the sierra and it wasn't an issue, as said it depends if the pump your using need a gravity feed or if it can self prime :headscratch:
  11. Any prop fits there's only 1 type of diff flange on the later cortinas, that is a koln axle :thumbup:
  12. bortaf

    Braking down

    I assume you have sierra or aftermarket leccy ign as the Mk5 never came with it (appart from the 2.3) so not sure where the usuall place on the inner wing is ?, if it's water splashing onto/into it move it if there's enough slack in the wiring? or if you can't move it and it is (as i suspect) moisture from the heat in the engine bay remove the boot and add some dielectric grease (or vasoline) to the boot lip to seal it then ziptie the end of the boot where the wires go in after sealing that end with grease :)
  13. Pop into Britannia Motor Engineering in britannia road (waltham X) and have a word with Mark the owner, he'll recomend who he uses for his classic restos :thumbup: i believe he uses somone in hoddesdon but i havn't spoken to him for a while, i know he used to use a local firm :)
  14. early 1.6 Mk5s had the inertia starter
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