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  1. series 1 windscreen is 3/16th of a inch shorter then a S2. if you measure top to bottom in the center of the screen so best fit is a S1 screen with a rubber from the 1600E club
  2. for insurance purpose i would be going for 18K
  3. mike it can be done in the usa but its big big money about £1000 with the postage :shocking:
  4. American walnut is the colour veneer you want
  5. Cant believe you left cortina ownership rod :bleh:
  6. nowt wrong with a LHD cortina
  7. just thought you guys might like to see the cortina that is in my workshop for some conversion work
  8. Welcome back my old mucker Banger :thumbup: always wondered what happened to you :car:
  9. i have pictures of the original car somewhere :winner:
  10. good luck with finding parts for the Crayford build I had a painful time with it
  11. mark I went to L/Black`s home and see that lhd converted to a rhd and what a mess he had made of it
  12. LHD16E

    bell housing 105E

    i am looking for a ford bell housing stamped 105E
  13. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: love it
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