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    If I'm lucky I can drive for approximately another 20 years ( my mother died when only 3 years older than I am now & my father 8 both from forms of cancer), rumour has it, It will be approximately 10 years be for new ic vehicles cease production with another ten for the supply of fossil fuel to end. This is only for non commercial vehicles as lorries & diesel electric trains especially can't carry the loads or cover the distance expected of them now due to the size/amount of batteries required. Bring on the washing machine powered wonders I say, leaves more petrol for me. The motor industry was recently reported to be running scared re failing sales (profits) of electric vehicles especially fleet/lcv segment as customer grants are dropping & people are becoming savvy to the real world costs/limitations. I know people who work in the back rooms of this technology & they report that the technology can't meet the customer & environmental demands now let alone for the "deadline" & that the tree huggers are siding more & more with people like us who keep older not just classic vehicles in use, as whatever fuel source a vehicle uses the carbon footprint of building & in many cases shipping them halfway round the planet ( cause its "better " for the profit margin ,err I meen planet) is no different wether ic or electric & takes over 10 years to be offset. More & more research is swinging towards hydrogen fuel cells than electric to enable a match to present customer usage demands. Call me Greta's worse nightmare but personally I don't give a ., 3 of mine already run on lpg & the rest are easily converted, which by the way is a byproduct & better for the environment! The planet won't die the human race will & that's what scares the rich & powerful. I think that before global warming wipes us out it will more likely be one meglamaniac with beliefs that differ from another or another Corona type virus that will bring the cockroaches to the top of the food chain. & The last thing the oil companies & middle Eastern countries want is an end to the ic engine. Anyway don't worry as according to news reports E10 will have forced all the old cars of the road by the end of the month like E5,unleaded,locusts & pestilence was going to before that. Long live the V8 !!!!!
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    A little photo shoot today, the estate will be featured soon in a well known classic car magazine. I couldn't help but sneak my saloon into the mix. Given she's now 6 years old since restoration, she's holding up well against the out of the box shiny new estate. Very lucky to have these 2 beauties. Now, should we find another Cortina challenge!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ
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    So it's finally finished, she passed the MOT earlier this week. Got to say I'm really proud of what we've managed to achieve. All done ourselves bar the harder welding and putting on the paint. Photo shoot for a well known magazine feature on Sunday, weather permitting!!!! Thanks for all the great comments, it's nice that people appreciate the hard work it takes. Keep it Cortina folks!!!!
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    Bought this a few weeks back, Motd and quite pleased to be driving one of these again. Ive managed to fluke one picture over with Mrs help, by resizing it but only one it seems. Still hopefully I will find working under the bonnet of these easier than uploading photos.
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    I have most of them. But many of the in-progress photos were posted at the time then discarded. Work on PAL rarely stops... here is the last 12 months or so: Engine rebuild after losing the water pump belt (and having a truck behind me so couldn't stop): Complete gearbox rebuild with tasty rally ratios: Replaced the Tex mirrors with genuine Mk4 door mirrors: I abandoned the Wellers as I struggled to get them balanced well enough, especially when towing. I went back my Superlite replicas, powder coated white: Having cooked on hot days a couple of times, the polycarb rally windows were replaced with original door drop glass: Fitted a genuine South African bonnet as the fibreglass Aussie one warped: After the "Minder" Capri caught fire, MarkyMark came to help and we finally finished the engine bay fire extinguisher system: The millboard door cards got kind of saggy, so I made these custom door cards from checker-plate alloy:
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    So stripes have been fitted today. Can't thank Tony enough for taking the time to come and template and replica the rear wing sections to complete the estate template kit. (these are available to buy from him via Ebay in your exact cour combination for your car colour) Colours are vibrant and exact and really make the paintwork pop. So chuffed with the finished article. Can't wait to get out to a few shows later this summer. Just a few last minute bits to sort now and off for MOT very soon.
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    A post & forward panel finished,bonnet hinge mounting screwed into place,can't weld on until inner wing is repaired. Repaired the hole in the bulkhead.
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    Crusader stripes on.
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    After 5 long years of spending thousands of money its officially over. Had the image wheels arrive and wrapped them today with toyo195 50 15.Thanks To RichardJ for the valuable information and help you provided. Thanks to all for the help provided throught this journey. Will post my progress on the bike carbs i have just fitted.
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    September 2020, before running 11.49 @ 119mph in the quarter. http://etslips.co.uk/Ticket.php?ts=2020-09-13 15:13:00
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    Out for a spin yesterday, car will be sornโ€™d this week so thought Iโ€™d better take advantage of the good weather.
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    Agreed. Also, JBW needs to buy the rights to the Interstate wheel off 100+ and reinstate the Interstate.
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    Pics of its first coats of primer. Just sorting the final colour so hopefully will have it back before Xmas and I can start putting it all back together again.
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    Fitted new wheels to it to get the right look before I started to use it. Runs fine now after some mechanical issues. The car has been in a museum for a year and a half, got it out 3 weeks ago must say I missed it!
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    Not done anything for a while,i pushed the car out a few weeks ago to get my trailer into the yard & had a clear up. Have now removed the nearside inner wing. New inner wing screwed into place.
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    my neighbour she valets cars for a living did my interior what a difference carpets come up like new,seats look brill sticker in back window and ready to go am going to start useing old girl get rid off boot spoiler got another boot get repainted
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    It will be 2Tone. Rio Brown over champagne gold. No filler required and no welding. I'm looking for a new front left indicator. Must be genuine Ford. Mike. VID-20210306-WA0000.mp4
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    mines oppisite worked its way up north from london nice looking motor,peacocks off balham belive it or not it was dealership that hattie jakes bought her mk1 cabs from in film carry on cabbie lol,
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    Pro-street was more drag car inspired with a rear half or full chassis & large rear wheel/ tyre setup. This can cause problems these days with vosa ( re heavily altered). You pic looks more pro- touring little or no structural shell modification's & way more user friendly. I remember this one along with the few other custom mk3's of the period. While good to see these cars retain their look as said your car so has to be something your happy with at the end of the day. I started to get bogged down with this sorta problem thinking the cars I see are now alot better condition than mine, but then most of them are toys only used on highdays & holidays! Where as mine are used regularly often still doing the daily chores they did when only a few years old, which I realise I enjoy far more than worrying wether my tyres have the correct period air in them or the correct shade of paint on my screen washer jets.
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    Just had the MK5 for an MOT today. Passed with flying colours I was surprised that I had done 613 miles during the current troubles. Lets all hope we can get out and about a bit more this year. Also had my 2nd Vaccination today Steve
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    Yes Factory fitted 260 Air Con. Open two windows and travel at 60 mph. Simples.
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    Mine have towbars & I love the reaction when I answer the do you tow stuff with it?? Yes whatever needs towing trailer,caravan, broken moderns!
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    Now we are onto the closing stages and most of the work is complete. We've had a brand new windscreen fitted last week and we are just in the process of cleaning things up now. Just the stripe kit to add (which we have waiting) and a good shake down and tighten of everything then ready for an MOT. Will post final pics once we have the golden ticket. ๐Ÿ˜
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    Thanks Mr One year nine months and it moves under V8 power
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    Finally got back onto my Cortina,repaired the edges of the bulkhead & inner A post panel,trial fitted the A post,forward panel,bonnet hinge mounting,door & wing,then finally fitted the A post.
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    Epoxy primed a tad more I bare metal then a heavy coat of rust eater then a few days later I use a soft nylon round wheel in a drill and clean up metal again brings in up very clean you can see fitst pic where Iโ€™ve started , I then put a rust proofer on a scotch bright do it goes on smooth like the picture above
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    "S for beautiful, S for quick, S for sporty." It loses something in the translation! Not that I fuss much about these things, but the two-door "S" really ought to be the quickest Corsair 1500. I nearly bought a Corsair S, but the Italian GT popped up on Ebay in a nice colour and with four doors and I went with that. I think Cortinas look best as 2-doors, and Corsairs as 4-doors.
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    Just to update this saga..and give a hat tip to Past Parts! They sorted me out with a new old stock master cylinder to replace mine with a damaged tank. Not that cheap but worth it to have the origonal type with a new set of seals fitted. Inner wing repainted again, bled up and finally no leaks.!
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    Good luck Paul. Wish I could help with anything. Needs saving this one.
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    Found this very solid -64 up north, unwelded shell but has some dents and dings. Off the road since 2001. No salt on the roads up there and dry climate. Spent a couple of days and got it MOTd for the last time. Took it for a 1500 km holiday drive without any surprises.
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    Don't quote me, but I heard he had family issues and more. I know you will come on here for a look Hope your OK Mr Pete, You can ring me If you want a chat
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    put new plugs ht leads dizzy cap rota arm and sports coil rerouted heater pipe inline filter rerouted petrol pipe,kn filter new fuel pump proper throtle cable,seem lot more happier won set off centre caps and a spare wheel dident relise shes out off mot so book it in next week,2 weeks out lol
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    A certain black dog was more excited than I was to sit inside!
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    got these cheap with excellent tyres been nicely refurb i know only 5js but do for now,had nice set off trims in my loft and bought new nuts bad news my centre caps are missing thier clips dope,
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    If you do buy self adhesive foam sheet, make sure that itโ€™s closed cell foam. Open cell foam absorbs water like a car sponge.
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    Back on ๐Ÿ˜Š New gas bottle, and new plus top on grinder. N/s sill done first fix. Nearly there.
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    Cut the sill off, all cleaned up , rust treated, ready for new sill.
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    A post & forward panel just about finished,so while i had the car upside down,i decided to fit the jacking point,another job done.
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    The new indicator lense is the poshest bit on the whole car! Thanks Craig.
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    Cheers Chaps And trial fitted covers and air filter
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    Red Rear light no longer needed Made my own
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    After many heartache from Transport Malta its now with reg plates and taxed. What a journey to get here!!!! Now waiting for image wheels to arrive from England and that's it.
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    After 5 LOoonngg years in the making the end is getting near. VRT(mot) is done and dusted with full marks.Tomorrow plates and documentation red tape. As a side note replaced the garbage KYB shocks since they were too soft and now spax adjustable shocks on.What a difference. Still some fine tuning to be done like toe in and brakes setting in but almost done.
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    Been closing gaps on the wings get a nice 5 mm all the way round the car bar the boot itโ€™s seams
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    Only 10 minutes left but worth a look if you're bored. https://themarket.co.uk/listings/ford/cortina-lotus-mk2/df7be027-4190-499e-9076-508cc400f8b0?status=live
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