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    Hi mate - just found the one I had left - new in its packet if you still need one . Steve.
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    That's 2 and half times more that what I sold my whole car for back in 1983 ( 1600E £ 300.00 ) SOB SOB. Oh the in humanity.
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    Hi Keith, apologies for the delay, just been offered a 1360 will probably go down this route, Many thanks, Keep them waffles safe!
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    If anyone is looking for a windscreen rubber dont use Burton Motorsport. Theirs dont fit!
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    Thank you Addict Pete CC gave me a nice used one he had removed,
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    Cheers FKLGLS, that's great news that I have a number of belt loops I can use. I bought Tina from Martins brother when he sadly passed away. I think I paid a bit over the odds for her (£4500) but it was a sentimental buy as it is the same model and colour as my dads Mk5 blue estate. it was an amazing buy, she is a fab family car and the kids (and wife) love her to bits, she has just had her MOT(walked it, the mechanic asked do I want to sell her). Martin done an amazing job and she looks and drives like new, I plan on having my Tina for many years to come. Only changes I have made is I have had a 5 speed box fitted and power steering. Other than that she looks like she has just rolled out from the showroom.
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    Can we please have a big " view new content " button again - it was the best way to navigate the site and it feels a lot harder work now ?
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    would you pm me the price, and could it be posted regards Owdgit