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    I will take more photos on Friday showing the rear of the chassis. The cab has been resprayed in an off white and spare paint comes with it to paint the tub but I was going to probably do it in Venetian Red to match my RS2000 xpack. I was going to fit a similar body kit with xpack alloys.
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    Hi mate - just found the one I had left - new in its packet if you still need one . Steve.
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    Hi all looking for a ford now I have sold my tr7 mk3 cortina preferred but othere cortina mk4;5 maybe ? What have you please good or bad steve sd1
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    I saw this MK5 for sale a couple of weeks ago. Nice clean honest looking car with a great story and history. Steve
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    I have a mk3 for sale. It has been sitting in my father's garden for 25 year's and needs welding. Engine is 2.3 V6 not original but starts and moves. Sounds good. Ray 07745229709
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    All same only real difference is manual or automatic choke.
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    *BIG THANKS * To Kev & Andy AKA KRT & n'monkey220 The bug catcher is now safe at home
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    Last taxed 28 years ago, I'd try the big scrapyard in the sky for that one Gaz.
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    Thank you Hans for the heads up I now own a MK3 bench seat
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    I've got some £40 pair.
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    Pm you I think, if not let me know as I have a pair, Regards mark
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    This is the one I've got spare.
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    i think Steve has one for auction currently, will see if i can find it!
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    I didn't know you could buy them new but Dave supplied mine. (Ford cortina.com on here)
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    That's 2 and half times more that what I sold my whole car for back in 1983 ( 1600E £ 300.00 ) SOB SOB. Oh the in humanity.
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    If anyone is looking for a windscreen rubber dont use Burton Motorsport. Theirs dont fit!
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    I know the board is new and i am getting used to it,feel xmasy and want to donate,i cant find the donate thingy Someone point the ol duffer in the right direction kev
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    I need to go in the shed later i may have one
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    I think I might have one, I'll have a look tomorrow for you.
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    Sorted picking it up in 2 weeks can't Waite
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    Cheers FKLGLS, that's great news that I have a number of belt loops I can use. I bought Tina from Martins brother when he sadly passed away. I think I paid a bit over the odds for her (£4500) but it was a sentimental buy as it is the same model and colour as my dads Mk5 blue estate. it was an amazing buy, she is a fab family car and the kids (and wife) love her to bits, she has just had her MOT(walked it, the mechanic asked do I want to sell her). Martin done an amazing job and she looks and drives like new, I plan on having my Tina for many years to come. Only changes I have made is I have had a 5 speed box fitted and power steering. Other than that she looks like she has just rolled out from the showroom.
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    I think the link above is a general one for each user's active listings. Anyone who clicks on it will therefore just see their own ebay listings, rather than yours.
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    Yes, thanks from me too. I'm liking the new forum now I've worked out what I'm doing👍
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    bloody hell it must be better if Beowulf can upload a pic off his phone, well done sir!
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    Just testing uploading from the phone.
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