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    A little photo shoot today, the estate will be featured soon in a well known classic car magazine. I couldn't help but sneak my saloon into the mix. Given she's now 6 years old since restoration, she's holding up well against the out of the box shiny new estate. Very lucky to have these 2 beauties. Now, should we find another Cortina challenge!!! 😉😁😜
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    So it seems i'm finally there after 5 long years - August 16 2015 i started this thread, 5 years later i'm almost done, wheels from Image, VRT and sunvisors are the only things left to be done. They have been 5 years where many times i wondered why the heck am i doing this, a lots of downs and some ups along the way.Had to redo things along the way due to unfortunate circumstances hitting panels during assembly,glue from headliner oversprayed on the luggage boot and it burnt through paint ,,,list is endless. They were HARD times! Still are as i planned a VRT on Saturday and i am stuck here on obligatory quarantine till Monday. Restoring a car is an upward struggle in my opinion both mentally and financially but all in all i'm a happy man with a car i have practically all done by myself except for upholstery. A BIG thanks goes to everyone here at BSC especially one who is no longer active here Pete C and many others who helped in giving support and needed parts. Dave Baglow's rear bumper(now rechromed as seen in pic) @TIB3300 and @sheffieldcortinacentre for washer bottle and recently @RichardJ for providing a baggage of info on Image wheels. Thanks to all and sorry if i forgot someone. When i have the car VRT'd and with the new wheels on will take the obligatory pic in front of car as Tibbs said i should do :).In the meantime this is the latest i have done,front and rear bumpers. Cheers take care stay safe.
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    I have most of them. But many of the in-progress photos were posted at the time then discarded. Work on PAL rarely stops... here is the last 12 months or so: Engine rebuild after losing the water pump belt (and having a truck behind me so couldn't stop): Complete gearbox rebuild with tasty rally ratios: Replaced the Tex mirrors with genuine Mk4 door mirrors: I abandoned the Wellers as I struggled to get them balanced well enough, especially when towing. I went back my Superlite replicas, powder coated white: Having cooked on hot days a couple of times, the polycarb rally windows were replaced with original door drop glass: Fitted a genuine South African bonnet as the fibreglass Aussie one warped: After the "Minder" Capri caught fire, MarkyMark came to help and we finally finished the engine bay fire extinguisher system: The millboard door cards got kind of saggy, so I made these custom door cards from checker-plate alloy:
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    So it's finally finished, she passed the MOT earlier this week. Got to say I'm really proud of what we've managed to achieve. All done ourselves bar the harder welding and putting on the paint. Photo shoot for a well known magazine feature on Sunday, weather permitting!!!! Thanks for all the great comments, it's nice that people appreciate the hard work it takes. Keep it Cortina folks!!!!
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    So stripes have been fitted today. Can't thank Tony enough for taking the time to come and template and replica the rear wing sections to complete the estate template kit. (these are available to buy from him via Ebay in your exact cour combination for your car colour) Colours are vibrant and exact and really make the paintwork pop. So chuffed with the finished article. Can't wait to get out to a few shows later this summer. Just a few last minute bits to sort now and off for MOT very soon.
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    A post & forward panel finished,bonnet hinge mounting screwed into place,can't weld on until inner wing is repaired. Repaired the hole in the bulkhead.
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    After 5 long years of spending thousands of money its officially over. Had the image wheels arrive and wrapped them today with toyo195 50 15.Thanks To RichardJ for the valuable information and help you provided. Thanks to all for the help provided throught this journey. Will post my progress on the bike carbs i have just fitted.
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    I use to have a girl friend that breathed heavy, I thought I was doing a good job, turned out she had asthma !!!! I know above is completely irrelevant and I hope it doesn't offend anyone with asthma.
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    Well it was tight,but i managed to turn the Cortina around in my back garden. Now a few pics before it goes back into the garage.
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    Just had the MK5 for an MOT today. Passed with flying colours I was surprised that I had done 613 miles during the current troubles. Lets all hope we can get out and about a bit more this year. Also had my 2nd Vaccination today Steve
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    ahhhhh the other mk3... as some of you know i bought a parts car for my 4.1 mk3 im building ...this one when i got it. i stripped every part i needed from that car done to the loom ,nuts and bolts and even the pre facelift dash... i did put the facelift dash back into it tho. i then added some seats i had sitting around and some random wheels and sold it off to a mate as he just had to have it......it meant that i got most of the parts for my 4.1 build for nothingin the end. as it sat when i sold it. (minus lights and grill....at best it was a good rolling shell) and i did get the bonnet for it as well.. so some weeks later my mate asked if i knew any one that would buy as he just couldn't be arsed having a car around that didn't run....i knew it was a good car and just needed a facelift mk3 or a mk4 or a mk5 parts car and it could be put on the road pretty easily....as reg on hold.......(origanal black plates) registered with the mighty 1300 xflow tho......not the big block pinto....bugger... i had sold my mk2 to another mate so i bought it back.....and put it in storage and kept an eye out for a parts car..... now i had seen a few around but they had been parts cars for others and i didnt want to have to find screws ,missing nuts and bolts ect ect....i wanted something complete that had never been pulled a part..........so i could pull it apart and then i found it on trademe the almost perfect parts car for my parts car ...i say almost because it doesnt have a 1300 and manual box......its an auto pinto.. so i won the auction and the car was in invercargill i had 20 days to collect...and we did that yesterday... a mate bought a fwd fiat ducato (ex ambulance) converted to transporter on tuesday and we decided to drive it to invercargill on Saturday....so we loaded up a vc valiant to take done for his mate got up at 5am and hit the road....the lights died just after asburton ...fixed that. the auto played up going into dunedin.....fixed that (kinda) .got to invercargill and droipped the vc off....drove back out of invercargill to pick up the cortina that was 3 feilds deep off the road in a barn....no tracks just knee lengh grass and massive mud holes where the 2 hedges we had to pass were.( the guy had a tractor but it was broken down next to the cortina we only just got the fiat in there we had to gun it threw the mud full on duke of hazard style ...he showed us where it was and asked us to shut the gate and buggered off.....justb then it started .ing down we tried to air up the tyre and only got 3.....winched it onto the truck and then backed the truck under cover to strap it down....had to strap the bonnet down as well and the rear door..as well as the passenger sided doors.....then we tried to leave....but wet grass,.ing down rain,fiat fwd ,,,,no lsd or locker just the 1 tyre fryer ...took us and hour to get threw the 1st feild and didnt stop till we hit the road....broke a head light,,ripped the sump guard off .....shut the gate and headed home.the auto was having a fit....by the time we got to gay old gore we had it sussed flick it into neutraland back into drive and it would select the next gear......down shift worked ok ish.. so after 1200 ks 17.5 hours door to door its back at my mates place and here is the little sweet heart. 1 careful lady owner ..never been raced or rallied rolled bowled or arseholed...has been on the road since 84 i think i know right ...what a wee darling .but its all there on the inside and what all i need....even put a battery on and all the lights work the motor turned over but wouldnt fire....sorry about the long read but cheers
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    Yes Factory fitted 260 Air Con. Open two windows and travel at 60 mph. Simples.
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    Mine have towbars & I love the reaction when I answer the do you tow stuff with it?? Yes whatever needs towing trailer,caravan, broken moderns!
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    Now we are onto the closing stages and most of the work is complete. We've had a brand new windscreen fitted last week and we are just in the process of cleaning things up now. Just the stripe kit to add (which we have waiting) and a good shake down and tighten of everything then ready for an MOT. Will post final pics once we have the golden ticket. 😁
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    Thanks Mr One year nine months and it moves under V8 power
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    Crusader stripes on.
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    Finally got back onto my Cortina,repaired the edges of the bulkhead & inner A post panel,trial fitted the A post,forward panel,bonnet hinge mounting,door & wing,then finally fitted the A post.
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    Epoxy primed a tad more I bare metal then a heavy coat of rust eater then a few days later I use a soft nylon round wheel in a drill and clean up metal again brings in up very clean you can see fitst pic where I’ve started , I then put a rust proofer on a scotch bright do it goes on smooth like the picture above
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    Started on the nearside A post forward panel. Removed the corroded panel & the corroded part of the bonnet hinge panel. Made repair section for the bonnet hinge panel. Repaired the edge of wheel arch that attaches to panel. Trial fitted A post panel. Repaired bonnet hinge mounting. Cut corroded flange away from scuttle panel. A couple more small repair sections to make,then it can go back together.
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    Heard back from Adrian Flux, nothing back from Footman James yet. It looks like we will be approved with Adrian Flux & it'll earn you between 5% - 15% discount when quoting Buysellcortina depending on the underwriter used. It'll also entitle you to free legal advice up to £100,000 Got to finalize things first though.
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    Nice car that estate, always liked it. I quite like Roman Bronze Mk4's . I remember seeing it at Cortina day when it had the alloys on, before Brett owned it. I don't seem to remember the Classic Ford feature on it though as mentioned in the Car and Classic advert. Will have to dig out the old Mags to have a look. It looks better with the steels I think. The picture here is from 2006. Not sure the owners were keen on me photographing their car
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    I have mentioned a couple of times about the two mk2 Cortina clubs becoming one . I think I brought it up on here and was told by one chairman type that this was not the place for discussing this type of thing . This is exactly the type of place to discuss things like this . As it is becoming harder to get people to take on club committee positions if the two clubs joined there would be at least two people doing the same role . Things like the club spares could be jointly run by the current people as this might well be one of the busier roles . I don't suppose anyone will take a blind bit of notice of any suggestions on here though .
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    Is quite easy to tear the modern vinyl it's not as good as the original Ford stuff it's tough as old boots ! . I found my Aldridge trimming covers to be a bit tight fitting on the front seats so had to use cable ties not hog rings to allow a bit of adjustment. Much happier with the fit of the rear covers they were spot on👍. On the front backrest covers the clips that hook onto the frame had been sewn on too short ..so again cable ties came to the rescue!. Finished up de rusting the old wires that go in the cover pockets in acid and painting them as i could only get 2mm piano wire in 1m lengths. Can't help thinking the job was a bit rushed and they could have taken a bit more care getting the measurements right ..but admire the skill involved.
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    Washed a year of garage dust off . Hopefully I can get a maiden voyage in this weekend 😁
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    Yes i always preferred my old suction Devlibiss gun, to the gravity ones, once youve tickled it and set it up you can really throw the paint on, i always used to mix the paint to thick, once i added 10-20% thinners the paint would flow lovely, i have got really cheeky before now and sprayed a final coat of nearly all thinners, dangerous but did look like glass, off the gun. My old Mini was the last car i painted .....
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    Not quite invention of the century but here's something I came up with to aid insertion and removal of fuel tank senders. Bought an elcrappo brand 86mm hole saw on Ebay for a fiver, ground all the teeth flat leaving four bits sticking up corresponding with the segments on the perimeter of the sender, cut an oval shaped hole to allow the pipes through. Bit more professional than tapping the sender round with a hammer and chisel which is what I used to do before.
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    …...and used the above as an excuse to go for a wee hurl/road test to the shops.
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    Hot weather? painting weather !, had the wings back from Enviro strip £100, strip n etch prime, hes quoted me £150 to do the same to the boot and bonnet, so pretty much cleaned, gravitexed, base coated and clear coated, two days graft ........
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    needs a good clean under the bonnet dug out my manuals lol.
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    If you do buy self adhesive foam sheet, make sure that it’s closed cell foam. Open cell foam absorbs water like a car sponge.
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    The new indicator lense is the poshest bit on the whole car! Thanks Craig.
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    Got the forward A post panel fitted,still got a few bits left to finish it.
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    Red Rear light no longer needed Made my own
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    Finally got the Yamaha R1 bike carbs on after 5 long years in storage i had bought from the states when i bought my MK3. They run like a dream and quite easy to set up after you get the hang of it(as in silicone hoses and other stuff). Still running on the original mechanical fuel pump. The throttle response is instant much way better than my weber 32/36 . I highly recommend them, thanks to the great help i received from Danst Engineering with their advice.
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    Also while I was messing about with the wiring here the other week a round plastic disc fell down the driver rear pillar and into the boot. This can only be a bung to plug holes up in the metal but it has come in handy here as an insulator between the wiring and metal. I cut a slot in it so the wire could pass through. So that's the HRW wiring sorted out and another job ticked off my list. Thanks for replies and taking the time to read this thread. I'll update my members cars thread over the coming weeks as I tick off the jobs as I go through them so the car can hit the road later this year.
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    From 1/1/2021 black and silver (white) number plates will no longer roll with tax/MOT exemption so the cut off for legally being able to fit them will be on cars built before 1st January 1980. The rolling on from the original 31st December 1972 cut off date was apparently a mistake however it will remain legal to have them on cars from 1973-1979. The Euro symbol will also no longer be allowed to be added to newly made plates (older plates can still display it) although the Union/English/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish flag can still be added to new plates being produced. Stricter rules for number plates fitted to cars built from the first of January 1980 will come into force in September 2021. On a personal note glad they stopped the black and silver plates being fitted to newer cars as I don't think they don't look right on anything built after 1972. https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/changes-to-black-silver-number-plates-from-01012021
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    Personally as long as their legible I think there's more important motoring issues that need addressing rather than the colour of number plates one being the spacing of "private" plates!
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    After 5 LOoonngg years in the making the end is getting near. VRT(mot) is done and dusted with full marks.Tomorrow plates and documentation red tape. As a side note replaced the garbage KYB shocks since they were too soft and now spax adjustable shocks on.What a difference. Still some fine tuning to be done like toe in and brakes setting in but almost done.
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    Scuttle panel repaired & A post removed.
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    I’m ok this is the second subframe I’ve put in it back on gt made sections front /back edge of floor And repaired bulk head and floor pan over lapped like ford made it I’ve butt welded it all in . I have the front section I’ll cut and shut and then make the bit the goes in front of the end of the seal inner/outer seal will be spot welded as I’ve just got a spot welder tool but just need to shorten back bit then onto other side I’ve cleaned undersell of already and not looking as bad
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    How is this? Not mk3 but a mk5 with a Sierra front end
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    New engine mounts made fitted and painted
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    On with hydrollic clutch
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    Hi. I've had my Cortina 1600GT for 8 years now and it's not getting much use. I know we are all limited for traveling at the moment but any chance do get I'm out in the MX5. So I have been pondering whether or not to move it on. If I do sell what sort of money should I be expecting? I thought of the site carandclassic which look at every day, or ther's ebay or an auction. What do member think?
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    Thank you! Let's hope it's not an oncoming train Thanks! After offering up the LH wing it became apparent that the headlight bucket was ~10mm too far forward. Must have warped when i welded it ages ago. Not too big of a job to fix, after drilling out couple plug welds i gently pulled it back to it's correct position and welded it back on. This time with careful measurements before AND after. Timing belt came handy again for strapping the come along to A-pillar. After that i prepped the wings. More on later why i did it at this stage. Paint was removed with poly strip wheel, surface rust and pits sand blasted, same areas treated with phosphoric acid (dark blotches), everything roughed all over with coarse scotch-brite, cleaned with silicone remover and.. shot with 2 pack epoxy primer. Note the fourth ceiling on my tent, this time around i invested on a proper PVC tarp with 5 year warranty. Back wall i will sort before winter (probably). So why paint the wings now even before they are banged back in to shape? In part to shield them from rust, and because i will have prep & paint done by a pro. I am rubbish when it comes to block sanding etc. but that's ok, a man's gotta know his limitations. And there is fair amount to be done; but certainly doable. Since wings and some other places will need a little bit of massaging with hammer and dolly and most likely doors and wings welding to get the gaps right (wings are now temporarily in place with sheet metal screws) any old paint shop will not do. I have couple good referrals lined up with local guys that are well regarded and willing to take it on. This being a big job it will happen around fall at earliest but that's fine by me, no need to rush. Of course everything will be put on writing with time tables and rough budget agreed before any work starts. And hey, no more rot
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    Hi Chris... not sure if yr a mk3 club member... but if you are they a able to provide remanufactured rear ones....and they are amazingly good.. spot on quality too
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    Thanks all for the positive comments. This weekend should be the moment of truth and the test drive. if all goes well I will service it and use it as it is. Through the winter I want to correct the welding and get it resprayed in time for YAT 2021. 2020 has not been a good year so far for me so if i can get a little bit of pleasure from it before the weather changes ill be pleased.
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